Hello and thanks for visiting my website! I am based in Los Angeles, although I shoot in a variety of locations - including internationally. I have a passion for capturing moments that tell a story and give an insight into personalities and relationships. I capture moments that happen organically in a photojournalistic way, so you get photographs that convey the uniqueness and beauty of your loved ones. Most of my work uses all natural lighting and is on location.

• Are you looking to record a milestone or age from your child’s life?
• Or to creatively document a special event?
• Or are you overdue for a family portrait memorializing this time for posterity?                                                   • Need a new headshot?

Whatever your photographic desires, I create personalized, meaningful images to cherish a lifetime.

I’ve had a passion for everything creative since early childhood. Photography has been my love and my hobby since I was a child, traveling on ambitious vacations with my family and my plastic film camera. Out of college, I expressed my creative side by joining the world of advertising and design - which was exhilarating, and I loved concepting and creating messages through the campaigns I worked on for over a decade.

I continued with my passion for photography through it all, and through my travel to remote regions of Indonesia, Morocco, Tunisia, Kenya, Tanzania, China, Iceland, Turkey, Italy, Mexico, to name a few, I continued to fuel my creative energies and inspiration. I kept coming back to the idea of doing photography professionally in a new chapter of my life. I have a unique perspective and background as a photographer and an incredible passion for it that has been building my entire life. Having two unique and beautiful children full of personality has provided endless inspiration as well. Not only do I enjoy making beautiful art with my photography, I enjoy telling stories about my subjects through pictures – similar to what I did in advertising.

Please contact me thru this site or email to discuss your upcoming photography projects!